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Support Services

Parking Assignment Policy & Guidelines


TO: School of Dentistry Employees and Graduate Students
FROM: Dr. Ken May, Associate Dean for Administration and Planning
DATE: 15 April 2002
SUBJECT: Parking Assignment Policy and Guidelines

The School of Dentistry's Parking Assignment Policy was adopted to clarify the assignment procedure and to ensure an equitable system.

It is the responsibility of individuals to familiarize themselves with policies and procedures. Parking and transportation issues that are not covered under the dental school policy are covered in the University's 2000-2001 Transportation and Parking Coordinator's Handbook. The handbook is available for review in Support Services. Direct all questions concerning parking and transportation to the Parking Coordinator in Support Services at 966-3068.


  1. All employees are classified in one of three categories:

    1. Permanent full-time (>30 hours per week)
    2. Temporary full-time
    3. Temporary or permanent part-time

    Employees are ranked by their Total State Service Date (TSSD). The date is verified by the Dental School's Office of Human Resources. Petitions for consideration of variance from this policy must go through the Department Chair to the Associate Dean for Administration and Planning.

  2. Permits for specific lots are allocated annually to the Dental School by the Public Safety Department. In late spring, permit applications are distributed to all categories of employees listed in Section I. A. above. Employees indicate to which lot they would like to be assigned. Employees selected for these designated lots are placed on a prioritized list by a computer program in OCIS.

  3. Assignments are made on the basis of TSSD. All permanent full-time employees are automatically placed on a waiting list for each lot which they ranked higher than the permit they may have been assigned. If a Dental School employee does not obtain a permit for their first choice, they may elect to be placed on the University's waiting list. This list is based also upon longevity.

  4. All graduate students, temporary and permanent part-time employees who receive a permit from the Dental School's allocation will be assigned to either the Bowles Lot (S11) or the Business Deck (BD).

  5. Permanent full-time employees who switch to part-time during the permit year may retain their permit for the remainder of the permit year.


  1. Supervisors hiring new personnel or hiring transfer employees who need parking must notify the Parking Coordinator in Support Services as soon as possible. Transfer employees shall be inserted into the priority list according to longevity.

  2. Employees terminating employment with the Dental School are required to turn in their permit on their last day of employment. Employees transferring to another department within the University may retain their permit for up to five days in order to allow time to secure parking arrangements through their new department.


  1. Employees must be permanent full-time or permanent part-time (with retirement taken from their paycheck) to be eligible for payroll deduction.

  2. Any employee or graduate student paying by check or money order must make the check payable to the UNC Department of Transportation and Parking for the full annual cost. There is a $20.00 service charge for returned checks (failure to pay will result in payroll deduction of the full amount for those eligible).

  3. Employee permits are priced on an annual basis and are pro-rated (decreased) on the1st and 16th of each month. Permit fees are published in the Transportation and Parking Handbook.

Last Modified: 10/02/2009