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Office of Computing and Information Systems

How to Change Passwords For

Dental School Network (Dentistry Domain)

This is your login when you first boot up your computer, for dentistry mail server and for  the electronic syllabus. 

To change from off-network location, click on this link and follow directions:

Important note for laptop users:  If you change your password when off-campus, your login password for your laptop will remain the old one until you connect your laptop to the campus network again. However, your password for the electronic syllabus and other web applications will change immediately.

Dentistry Webmail

(Dentistry Faculty, Staff, & Residents) You can change your exchange email account password (also changes Dentistry domain & Electronic syllabus passwords) from within Dentistry Webmail.  Click here for directions:

Electronic Patient Record (EPR) and Student Evaluation

To change:  Start up and login to the EPR or Student Evaluatoin system as usual.  Click on the “HELP” drop down menu.  Click on the option to “Change Password” and then follow the instructions.


This is your login to campus e-mail system and to campus-wide web applications.

To change: point your browser to and choose “Manage Password" option


MIS is the Dental School financial system.  (Please note:This system is unrelated to Finance Central or FRS/AIS/ADP which are administered by the University and will have their own password rules). 

To change: open MIS, choose  "B. User Utilities" then "A: Password Program"

If you have a login failure and cannot login to a system, call OCIS at 6-2725 for resolution. 

Last Modified: 07/27/2010