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Spam/Junk Email Tutorial

Setting Junk E-Mail Filters in Outlook 2003

In Outlook 2003, the Junk E-Mail Filter is turned on by default. The first time Outlook 2003 moves a message to the Junk E-mail folder, it will notify you with a dialog box.

To change junk e-mail settings in Outlook 2003:

  1. Launch Outlook.

  2. On the Tools menu, select Options

  3. In the Options dialog box, in the E-mail section, click Junk E-mail.spam email  Choose the level of junk e-mail message protection you want. By default it is set to Low. Please set it to High and click OK.

email options

4.    You can also add or remove email addresses or sending domains to the Safe Senders list. That list can be exported and imported to another computer.

To add a sender to your Safe Senders List, Safe Recipients Lists, or Blocked Senders List:

  1. Right-click on a message from the sender.

  2. Point to Junk E-mail, and click either Add Sender to Safe Senders List, Add Sender to Blocked Senders List, or Add Recipient to Safe Recipients Lists.

To remove a sender's address from the list of junk mail senders:

  1. Click on the message that you wish to mark as Not Junk

  2. Click on the Not Junk button in the Outlook toolbar.


Last Modified: 07/27/2010