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Office of Computing and Information Systems

School of Dentistry Order Form for CCI Computers

Please fill out all the information on the form below and indicate which computers and accessories you want to order. After you have filled out the form, click on the SUBMIT button. Your order will be e-mailed to Glen Lawrence in the Financial Affairs Office. He will work with the accountants in the office to obtain the necessary approvals, make sure that money is available in your account, and then submit the order to Lenovo through the CCI Web page.

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*Enter the desired quantity for selected items in the quantity fields. When you've completed your order click the submit button below.

CCI Computers: Unit Price Quantity
ThinkPad Helix 37011J3 with 4 Year Warranty and 3 year Sealed Battery Warranty $1,880.00
W540 with 4 Year Warranty External Battery 3 Year Warranty $1,660.00
10AAS0GR00 M93pTiny w/o DVD (without monitor) with 4 Year Warranty $640.00
10AAS0GT00 M93p Tiny w/DVD (without monitor) with 4 Year Warranty $675.00
30A0S05200 E32 Tower ThinkStation with 4 Year Warranty $959.00
20B7S1GD00 ThinkPad T440 Ultrabook 4 year Warranty External Battery 3 Year Warranty $1,114.00
20C0S0KH00 ThinkPad Yoga 4 year Warranty 3 yr Sealed Battery Warranty $1,358.00
20A8S0ET00 ThinkPad X1 Carbon 4 year Warranty 3 year Sealed Battery Warranty $1,798.00
ThinkPad Protection for 3 Years for W540 (OCIS Recommended) $120.00
ThinkPad Protection 4 Year w/Depot Warranty & 3 Year Sealed Battery Warranty - Helix (OCIS Recommended) $305.00
ThinkPad Protection 4 Year w/Depot Warranty & 3 Year Sealed Battery Warranty - T440/Carbon (OCIS Recommended) $219.00
17" Analog/Digital 5047HC2 $183.00
0A36536 MiniDisplay Port to VGA Monitor Cable $34.99
0A36537 DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable 1.8m $19.00
0B47072 USB 3.0 DVI/VGA Monitor Adapter (works with both USB3 & USB2 ports) $49.00
0B47089 MiniDisplay Port to HDMI Adapter $15.00
0B47090 MiniDisplay Port to Single-Link DVI Monitor Cable $17.59
0B47091 MiniDisplay Port to Display Port Monitor Cable $10.00
19" Analog/Digital 2448MB6 $204.00
22" Flat Panel Monitor 2572MB1 $181.00
24" Wide Flat Panel Monitor $340.00
45J7915 DisplayPort to Single-Link DVI-D Digital Monitor Cable $19.00
57Y4393 DisplayPort to VGA Analog Monitor Cable $28.00
Desktop/Tower Accessories
0A65639 Tiny DVD Multi Burner (requires 0B47275 Storage Kit and Vesa Mount 0B47674) $65.00
0B47275 Storage Kit for DVD Drive 0A65639 $30.00
0B47674 Vesa Mount for DVD 0A65639 $8.00
4GB upgrade for E32 Tower $47.00
8GB ECC memory upgrade for E31 (should install in pairs) $127.49
8GB upgrade for E32 Tower $97.00
Lenovo Laser Mouse $29.99
Power Adapter for M93p Tiny $40.00
Speaker Sound Bar $23.00
Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Kit $49.99
Laptop Accessories
06P4069 USB Optical Black Wheel Mouse $9.00
0A33910 Digitizer Pen - Helix $17.00
0A33970 ThinkPad USB 3.0 Dock Helix/Carbon $119.00
0A33988 USB Multiburner (Ultra Slim, Ultra Portable) $60.00
0A36227 AC Adapter 170 W for W520/W530 $90.00
0A65626 DVD Multiburner for Ultrabase X200/X201/X220 $135.00
0A65723 4GB Upgrade for (Tiny)3238/T430/W530/X230/X230 Tablet $39.99
0A65724 8GB Upgrade for (Tiny)3238/W530/T430/X230/X230 Tablet $75.00
0B46994 90W AC Adapter T440/Carbon/Yoga $29.00
0B47030 45 W AC Adapter - Helix/Carbon Touch/T431s $34.00
0B47380 4GB Memory Upgrade for T431s/M93p $45.00
0B47381 8GB Memory Upgrade for T431s/M93p/T440/W540 $90.00
40A10090US T440 Pro Dock $135.00
40A20170US W540 Ultra Dock 170W $160.00
40Y7659 AC Adapter 90 W R400/T/X/W500/x230/X Tablet/Twist $39.00
40Y7696 AC Adapter 65 W T60/T60p/T61p/X60/R400/T500/X200/X200 Tablet/X220/X230/X220 Tablet/Twist $34.00
43R2476 Carry Case - Nylon $49.20
43R2480 Carry Case - Leather $84.00
43R2482 Carry Case - Back Pack $55.00
4X10E52935 OneLink Pro Dock Carbon/Yoga $125.00
4X20E50574 AC Adapter 170W W540 $84.00
4X80F22110 Yoga Pen $17.00
4X90E51405 USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapter $14.00
55Y3710 2GB Upgrade Ecos 3853 and 0266, X200, X220, X200 and X220 Tablets, R400, T410,T420, W500, W520 $29.00
55Y9317 AC Adpt 135 W for W510 $55.00
57Y3711 4GB Upgrade Ecos 3853. 0266, X201, X220, X201 and X220 Tablets, T410, T420, W510, W520 $39.00
73P2620 USB Keyboard $33.00
AC Adapter 65 Watt - Yoga $38.00
Battery 3 Cell T440 $91.00
Battery 6 Cell 40Y6799 for Laptops R60/T60/T60p/T61p/T500/W500 $126.00
Battery 6 Cell T440 $98.00
Battery 6 Cell W540 $98.00
Battery 6 Cell X201 $126.00
Battery 6 Cell X220 Laptop $149.99
Battery 6 Cell X220 Tablet $95.00
Battery 6 Cell X220/X230 Tablet $75.00
Battery 8 Cell 43R9257 for Tablets X200 $152.00
Battery 9 Cell 40Y6797 for Laptops R60/T60/T60p/T61p/T500/W500 $75.00
Battery 9 Cell T430/W530/T410/W510/T420/W520 $75.00
Battery 9 Cell W540 $112.00
Battery 9 Cell X220/X230 Laptop $95.00
G0BI 5000 Mobile Broadband ATT $140.00
GOBI 5000 Mobile Broadband Verizon $140.00
Older Laptop Accessories
Call OCIS (537-3485) for details $0.00
Older Desktop Accessories
Call OCIS (537-3485) for details $0.00

  *Enter the numbers you see in the picture.