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Office of Computing and Information Systems

Skype Use on SOD and Campus Network

“Skype” is a popular application for Internet telephony (Voice over IP or VoIP for short) allowing you to make long distance telephone calls from your computer to other Skype users for free or at low rates to traditional telephone numbers.  Due to growing concerns about its impact on our network, the ITS Security Office is currently blocking the use of Skype on certain segments of the campus network including the School of Dentistry and the School of Medicine. 

Skype was designed by the creators of Kazaa, one of the file- sharing programs banned on our network, and was acquired by EBay late last year.  Use has been growing rapidly with currently over 100 million registered users and over 6 million concurrent users.  Since Skype uses your computer and the UNC network to make these calls, it has raised some red flags for ITS.  At a recent HIPAA security meeting which I attended, the following concerns were raised about this product: 

Last Modified: 10/07/2009