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Office of Computing and Information Systems

Password Information

Password Overview

ONYEN password

EPR password

How to Change Passwords

EPR password

Start up and login to the EPR or Student Evaluation system as usual.  Click on the “HELP” drop down menu.  Click on the option to “Change Password” and follow the instructions.

ONYEN password

Go to ONYEN web page and select "Manage Password" from the menu.  Follow on-screen instructions.

Password Tips

Use the same password for the EPR and ONYEN - this way you only have one password to remember.

When you change one of the passwords - change the other ones too to keep them consistent.

Keep your password secure -  never post your password on your monitor, underneath your keyboard or in any unlocked location where it can be easily obtained by an unauthorized person; don't give your password to anybody except OCIS staff working on your computer; never reveal your password over the telephone unless you can verify the person's identity.

Last Modified: 12/19/2013