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Office of Computing and Information Systems

SOD Email Migration Help

The migration of the School of Dentistry's email server to the campus email server will take place beginning Friday night and ending by Sunday July 28, with intermittent outages during this time. It would be best to close your Outlook client on Friday before you leave for the day.

Users of an Outlook email client on desktop computers will have to perform a few steps to complete the change. Should there be any difficulty connecting via the Outlook client, users can always connect to their email on the campus server by going to Your onyen will be the username required and your onyen password the password required.

If you require help or have any problems please call 919-962-HELP any time, any day.

Outlook Client

When a user first starts Outlook after the migration, or if Outlook is open when the migration takes place, this screen will appear:

Click OK, close Outlook and reopen it. You may be prompted for a username and password. First enter your dentistry username and password, and if the prompt for a username and password reappears, in the username line enter AD\YOUR ONYEN (the AD\ part is necessary), and in the password line enter your onyen password. Outlook should accept these credentials.

As Outlook configures itself for the new server, a screen like this may pop up:

Check the Don't ask me about this website again box, and click Allow. There may be a period of time that Outlook shows Disconnected in the lower right corner of the screen, but it will then change back to Connected to Microsoft Exchange. At this point the migration should be complete, and you can use your email as you normally would.

Some older versions of Windows and Microsoft Office may show this prompt after you restart Outlook when told to do so:

In the User name line enter AD\YOUR ONYEN, and for Password enter your Onyen password.

Users who have Apple computers and view their email using the Outlook client will have to manually configure it to connect to the campus server. Instructions for doing so are here:

Mobile Devices

School of Dentistry users who connect to their email with an Android/iPhone/iPad will have to reconfigure their device to connect to the campus server. Campus has instructions posted on the website for these devices.

To set up an Android phone, go to:

For Android users who connect using Touchdown, you will have to configure the Touchdown app to connect to campus email using the same settings in the above document.

To set up an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, go to:

The dentistry email account will still appear on the phone, but will no longer send or receive email. You will need to delete this account from the phone manually.

Laptop Computers

Only encrypted laptops are permitted to access email via the Outlook client. Unencrypted laptops, including BYOD devices, should be using webmail to access email, and these users will need to go to to access their email after the migration takes place. BYOD laptops are prohibited from using any email client that stores or caches email onto the laptop's hard drive.

Users with the Outlook client set up on a laptop computer have two options for gaining access to their email through Outlook after the migration. The first option is to bring the laptop to the Dental School and make a wired connection to the network, then restart the computer. When the user logs in and opens Outlook it should behave the same way as a desktop computer, prompting to be closed and then connecting to the campus email server.

The second option, if a user does not wish to bring their laptop to the Dental school, is to add the campus mail account to the laptop.

Instructions for doing so with Office 2010 are here:

Office 2007 instructions are here:

Your Onyen

As previous emails have stated, you are required to log in to campus email using your campus onyen and password, so this account needs to be up to date. This is the same username and password you use to log into TIM.

To verify your onyen password is current, you can go to, and then click on Manage password. On this screen you can enter your onyen and current password, then click Check Expiration under the area for entering a New password. This allows you to verify the password is correct and current, and you also can change the password here if it is expired.

If you do not know your password, you can get it reset by calling the campus helpdesk 919-962-HELP.

If you have any trouble opening your email after the migration occurs, or have trouble setting up email on a mobile device, please call 919-962-HELP for assistance.

You also can always open your email by going to This is the site for web access to your email, and will always work even if your Outlook client or mobile device are not connecting.

Last Modified: 07/26/2013