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How To Help The Mexico Project


Who Benefits From The Project?

There is only one part time dentist for the orphanage children. Therefore, this project is essential in providing adequate dental care to the children. In addition to minor restorative work, students also provide many preventive services such as applying fluoride and sealants and educating the children on better oral hygiene. Also, the students gain valuable clinical experience and are given the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the children of a developing nation.

"Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos defies the typical image of an orphanage. It's a place that loves and is loved by the hundreds of children that call it home. It provides what every child deserves - housing, regular meals, education, and medical and dental care. It was a privelege to contribute to the care of these children."
          - Judy Kim, Mexico Project '98


What Are The Project's Expenses?

Below is the estimated budget for the group of 10 students:

Round-trip Airfare $  6,500
Transportation Within Mexico $  1,500
Food $  1,600
Housing $  1,200
Vaccinations $  1,250


"These children so desperately need our love and support, that to see their genuine love from the care we gave them, both dental and emotional, makes me want to do more for them."
          - Brian McMurtry, Mexico Project '98 and Webmaster


How Is The Project Funded?

This Program receives no state funds from North Carolina. All expenses must be met with contributions and select fundraisers such as T-shirt sales, pizza sales, doughnut sales, and figts of products from dental suppliers and manufacturers. The success of this endeavor is the result of volunteer efforts of dental students and the generosity of area residents, businesses, and helth professionals. Assistance from the Dental Foundation of North Carolina, Inc. is greatly appreciated.

"The service which we provided to the children pales in comparison to the rewards that we received. Their smiles, laughter and affection are truly what makes the UNC Mexico Project such an amazing experience."
          - Mike Rossitch, Mexico Project '98


How Can You Help The Project?

The students are currently collecting contributions to fund this year's trip to Mexico. If you would like to make a donation to this educational and service-oriented project, please complete and print the enclosed form.

You can now donate to the project ONLINE via UNC's Online Gift Site

All donations have been approved by the UNC School of Dentistry to be tax deductible. The tax exempt identification number, as registered by the Internal Revenue Service, is EIN-56-6304130

Also, if you would like to help the Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos Orphanage, please contact one of the following organizations.

For further information regarding the UNC Dental Mexico Project contact:

Dr. Ronald P. Strauss, DMD, PhD
Professor & Faculty Advisor of UNC Dental Mexico Project
CB #7450, 378 Brauer Hall
Chapel Hill NC 27599-7450
Phone : (919) 966-2788
email :

"To me, the UNC Mexico Project was more than just a means of providing needed dental care to the children at Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos; it was an experience of a lifetime that allowed me to form a strong bond and an everlasting friendship with a group of children who are among the kindes and most generous people I have ever known."
          - Golnar Jahanmir, Mexico Project '98


Click here to view and print the donation form.


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