School of Dentistry in the News

Below, please find a sample of news stories in which the UNC School of Dentistry has been mentioned, featured or quoted. This is neither an all-inclusive list nor a list of scientific publications. For more information on scientific publications, please visit the Research and Innovation portion of our website.


September 2016: Sample of coverage from the second DEAH DAY event

September 2016: Orthodontist: Braces aren’t as Expensive as You Think (WRAL)

August 2016: MyView: Worth the Wait (ADA News)

July 2016You’re not Brushing Your Toddler’s Teeth? Surprise–You Should Be. (Slate)

June 2016: Burlington Native to Head UNC Dental School (The Times News)

April 2016: Rare Genetic Condition Leads Way to Child Dentures (WRAL)

March 2016Five Key Factors of Dental Savings Plans in Retirement (

February 2016: Is Sparkling Water Bad for You? (


September 2015: UNC Researchers Develop 3D Dental X-ray Method (WRAL)

September 2015: Sample of inaugural DEAH DAY Coverage

June 2015: The Story of a Hate Crime (The New Yorker)

June 2015: UNC, Dental Foundation Create Award for Chapel Hill Shooting Victims (WNCN TV – search for similar)

May 2015: Habitat for Humanity Builds in Honor of Three Slain Students (WTVD)

April 2015: Classmates of Chapel Hill Shooting Victims Speak Out (WNCN)

February 2015: Merritt’s Grill Fundraiser Honors Chapel Hill Shooting Victims (Daily Tar Heel)

February 2015: NC State Creates Scholarship to Honor ‘Our Three Winners’ (The Technician)

February 2015: Tribute articles on Deah Barakat, Yusor Abu-Salha and Razan Abu-Salha (not all inclusive)

February 2015 (and ongoing)Search for more coverage of the triple homicide

February 2015: Three Students Shot to Death in Apartment near UNC Chapel Hill (CNN – search for similar)

February 2015: Volunteers Help Give Triangle Children a Healthy Smile (WRAL)

February 2015: Dental School Provides Free Dental Work for Dozens of Children (Daily Tar Heel)



December 2014: New Dental Guidelines May Limit how Much Toothpaste Children Use (WRAL)

November 2014: UNC School of Dentistry Helping Doctors Diagnose Jaw Pain (WRAL)

September 2014: What’s the Weather: Cleft Palate Gallop (WRAL)

April 2014: Caregivers are Key in Protecting Kids’ Dental Health (Reuters Health)

March 2014: Friends Raise Funds for UNC Dental Student Sergio Acero’s Funeral (Daily Tar Heel)

March 2014: UNC Dental Student Sergio Acero Dies in Motorcycle Accident (Daily Tar Heel)

February 2014: UNC School of Dentistry Hosts Children of Low-Income Families, Teaches about Health Care (The Durham Voice)

February 2014: UNC Dentistry Students Teach Low-Income Kids Tooth Care, Nutrition (Daily Tar Heel)



August 2013: Schools Cross Disciplines to Debunk Myths and Misinformation about Prenatal Oral Health (University Gazette)

May 2013: Obstacles for Pregnant Women Seeking Dental Care (New York Times)

February 2013: Dentists Bridge a Gap at Free Clinic for Kids (The Herald-Sun)

January 2013: UNC Craniofacial Center to Receive National Award (WRAL)

January 2013: New Dental School Rotation Addresses Prenatal Treatment (Daily Tar Heel)



November 2012: Cost of Dental Training Going Up for Students at UNC (Triangle Business Journal)

October 2012: UNC School of Dentistry Grad Receives Top Honor (Daily Tar Heel)

October 2012: Dentist Visits Encouraged for Pregnant Women (WRAL)

October 2012: Want Straight Teeth Without a Smile Full of Wire? (WRAL)

May 2012: UNC School of Dentistry Feature (Inside Heathcare)

April 2012: Building Boom: Dental Schools Expand, Create New Facilities (ADA News)

April 2012: UNC Dental School Expansion to Open Friday (WRAL)

April 2012: No Need to Dread a Root Canal (WRAL)

January 2012: Oral Hygiene can Impact More Than Just the Mouth (WRAL)



December 2011: UNC Dental School Expansion Nearing Completion (WRAL)

September 2011: Wisdom of Having That Tooth Removed (New York Times)