Community Service

International Service and Outreach

Globally engaged scholarship, research and service are key components of the mission of the School of Dentistry. Below are a few examples of the ways in which the School of Dentistry extends its mission internationally:

Dental Student International Project Trips

Using a team-oriented approach to outreach – within the cultural settings unique to other countries, our students gain first-hand knowledge of the global challenges in accessing oral health care, as they provide treatment and education to adults and children.

Resources for International Travel:

School-to-School Exchange Agreements

Our current exchange program includes the nations of: Brazil, Moldova and Singapore. Through these valuable professional exchanges, dental faculty, staff and students have the opportunity to discuss emerging issues and learn from their global colleagues.

Faculty Global Engagement

Faculty members travel internationally to teach, provide academic or professional consultation, deliver clinical services, or conduct research with international research colleagues.

The UNC School of Dentistry recognizes that its graduates are entering a truly global profession. Our vision encompasses both local and global perspectives and aims to contribute educational, research and service outreach that will make a positive difference at home and beyond.

Key Programs and Initiatives

Dental Student International Project Trips

International Dental School Exchange Programs

School of Dentistry International Research Projects

School of Dentistry Faculty with International Expertise

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