Community Service

Community service is a key component of the UNC School of Dentistry mission. To move this mission forward, the whole school works together to provide care to underserved populations.

The UNC School of Dentistry understands that there are multiple barriers to accessing dental care in our state, nation and the world. Faculty, staff and students are committed to mitigating these barriers by providing clinical care, health education and health promotion to targeted underserved populations and communities through a variety of community outreach activities. These practical, real-world experiences working with rural, underserved and other vulnerable populations are extremely important because they occur at a time when students are formulating career goals and practice choices.

In addition to clinical care, these programs and activities provide students an opportunity to better understand the psychosocial and organizational aspects of health care delivery, patient and personnel management, the medical/dental interface and the dental management of those living with special health care needs.  Clinical settings include community health centers, correctional centers, hospitals, and public health departments.  Health education and health promotion programs target multiple at risk populations including but not limited to low income children, the homeless, seniors and those living with HIV/AIDS.  Collaboration and partnership with community based organizations is integral to many of these outreach activities.