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Latex Allergy Policy

Attachment 2: UNC SOD Latex-free Alternative Dental Products

  1. Anesthetic Carpules (Plunger and Stopper)

    According to Astra's medical consultant (800-225-6333), there are no latex-free anesthetic carpules. Ampules of Xylocaine (methylparaben free) are available in 2% plain and 2% with epinephrine in a 1:200,000 concentration, which is less than the concentration in the carpule. Citinest and Polocaine are not available in ampules.

  2. Bite Block

    No radiographic bite blocks used presently at SOD contain latex. The child size mouth prop from HuFreidy, MP-52, used in OMFS is latex-free.

  3. Bitewings (Adhesive Type)

    No bitewings used presently at SOD contain latex.

  4. Blood Pressure Cuff

    1. Dinamap blood pressure equipment, by Critikon (800-237-2033), has latex in bladders and tubing manufactured before 1998.
      Tycos (800-257-2748) blood pressure cuffs manufactured before February 1998 have latex present in bladders, tubing, and bulbs.
      Omron compact wrist blood pressure monitors (800-634-4350) are latex-free.
    2. Use over clothing, or cover with Stockinette (Central Distribution, UNC Hospitals)
    3. Assume tubing and bladder contain latex unless specified by company.

  5. Bowls, Mixing

    Coltene/Whaledent Mixing Bowl #H00565 presently used in the SOD is latex-free.

  6. Dental Dams

    1. Most dental dams contain latex.
    2. Latex-free dental dam material can be purchased through Hygenic. Hygenic non-latex dental dam is supplied in 6" square sheets manufactured from a synthetic elastomeric material. Order #: H09105, $19.95 retail. Hygenic, 800-321-2135

  7. Gutta Percha

    Mynol by Block Drug Co. (800-365-6500)
    Dentsply (800-924-7393).
    Kerr (800-537-7123)
    Hygienic (800-221-3046) made by Coltene-Whaledent
    Premier Dental (888-773-6872)

    There is no form of latex-free gutta percha though some companies make that claim. The recommendation is to use glass ionomers, Ketac Endodontics, 800-782-1571, ext. 306.

  8. Orthodontic Bands/Elastics

    1. Most intraoral elastics contain latex.
    2. GAC, 800-645-5530, makes a latex-free elastic called Thermal Plastic elastic. 3M and Ormco make latex-free O-rings and chain.

  9. Prophy Cups

    1. The SOD storeroom supplies prophy cups manufactured by Young Dental. All screw type and disposable prophy angles by Young have latex.
    2. Latex-free Young prophy cups are #051801 and 051201; Butler, 800-528-8537; Dentsply, 800-989-8826, Right angle disposable

  10. Impression Material

    Dentsply Jeltrate Plus is latex-free, 800-532-2855.

  11. Nitrous Inhaler Hoods

    Nitrous inhaler hoods can be obtained in latex-free form, but there is no latex-free reservoir. 3M Unitek, 800-423-4588

  12. Suction Tips

    The suction tips presently supplied by the Dental storeroom, "Surg-o-vac" by Young, HVE tip by Patterson, and HJ Bosworth's flexible plastic saliva ejector are latex-free.

    The John O. Butler Company has stated that all Butler products are latex-free including packaging.

    To prevent the transfer of latex allergens onto non-latex products, do not handle products while wearing latex gloves or unwashed hands. Do not store non-latex products with latex containing products. Do not leave dental materials and instruments to be used on latex allergic patients exposed to airborne allergens.

Additional information about Latex allergy is available from:

Latex allergy information service, 860-482-6869 or A.L.E.R.T, Inc., 888-972-5378

Latex-free products can be ordered from:

Cetra Latex Free, 888-Latex No,
Alternative Resource Catalog, 800-618-3129
SAFETex, 888-225-1941

Latex-free medical products:

  1. Oxygen mask Hudson, 800-8483766
  2. Ambu bag Laerdal, 800-431-1055
  3. Bandaids Active strips, 3M, 800-364-3577 latex free tape and gauze
  4. Stethoscope tubing cover with stockinette, cotton battings, or ScopeCoat, 800-373-0747
  5. Syringes Becton Dickinson & Co., 800-435-6523
  6. Tourniquet B-D, 888-237-2762 or Avcor
  7. Medication vials remove latex stopper

Last Modified: 12/22/2009