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Vendor Policy

Approved by Department Chairs Committee, March 6, 2013

The School of Dentistry appreciates its relationships with industry representatives. Appropriate, ethical contact among industry representatives, faculty, staff, and students is encouraged. These guidelines are provided to facilitate these interactions.

For encounters with faculty or staff, industry representatives should make advance appointments when possible.

Representatives may meet with groups of faculty, residents, students or staff. Such meetings should be arranged through the Office of Clinical Affairs, the Office of Academic Affairs, the Office of Continuing Education, the Office of Dental Research, or an academic department office. During such meetings a hosting faculty member must be present during the entire meeting to ensure that all discussions are fair and balanced, not self-serving, and do not create ethical conflicts.

If a chair or dean arranging a meeting has a financial interest or serves as a consultant to the company that is being represented, that relationship needs to be disclosed prior to the presentation.

As with other visitors, representatives may not be present at patient care conferences or other functions that would violate patient confidentiality.

Representatives may not enter clinical areas without authorization from the Office of Clinical Affairs.

Gifts or product samples for personal use presented to faculty, staff, residents, or students should not exceed a nominal value.

When vendors present to student groups, they shall indicate verbally and/or add a slide to their presentations stating that there is a conflict of interest when appropriate.

Last Modified: 11/26/2013