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Parking Assignment Policy

The School of Dentistry’s Parking Assignment Policy was adopted by its’ employees to clarify the assignment procedure and to ensure an equitable system.

It is the responsibility of each employee to become familiar with the policies and procedures.  Parking and transportation information that is not covered by the Dental School policy is covered in the University’s Employee Guide to Transportation and Parking at UNC.  The guide can be found by clicking on   "Guide to Transportation and Parking" at the following link:  Direct all questions concerning parking and transportation to the Parking Coordinator in Support Services at 537-3449.

A. All employees are classified in one of three categories:

Employees are ranked by their Total State Service Date (TSSD) which is verified by the Dental School’s Office of Human Resources.  Petitions for consideration of variance from this policy must go through the Department Chair to the Vice Dean. 

B. Assignments are made on the basis of TSSD.  All permanent full-time employees are automatically placed on a waiting list for each lot which they ranked higher than the permit they may have been assigned.  If a Dental School employee does not obtain a permit for their first choice, they may elect to be placed on the University’s waiting list.  This list is also based upon longevity.

C. All graduate students, temporary and permanent part-time employees who receive a permit from the Dental School’s allocation will be assigned to the S11 or CD lots.
D. Permanent full-time employees who switch to part-time status during the permit year may retain their permit for the remainder of the permit year.


A.  Supervisors hiring new personnel or hiring transfer employees who need parking must notify the Parking Coordinator (Sheri Moyer at 537-3449) in Support Services as soon as possible.  Transfer employees shall be inserted into the priority list according to longevity.

B.  When a new employee is hired into the Dental School between the time when permit requests are made in the spring and July 1st, the new employee’s state service (TSSD) will determine what parking permit he or she receives. When a new employee is hired into the Dental School after July 1st, he or she will be placed on the Dental School waiting list and may receive a permit during the year. The new employee may also be placed on the University's waiting list in the Department of Public Safety (DPS).

C.  It is the responsibility of all Dental School supervisors to communicate these policies to all job interviewees. The Dental School considers this responsibility especially important for current UNC applicants. Our parking coordinator will be happy to help you assess an applicant’s probable priority for parking permits. It is important to include this information as part of the interview process to help applicants make informed decisions about employment in the Dental School.

D.  Employees terminating employment with the Dental School are required to turn in their permit on their last day of employment. Employees transferring to another department within the University may retain their Dental School permit for a maximum of five days in order to allow time to secure parking arrangements through their new department.           


A.  Employees must be permanent full-time or permanent part-time (with retirement taken from their paycheck) to be eligible for payroll deduction.

B. Any employee paying by check or money order must make the check payable to the UNC Department of Transportation and Parking for the full annual cost.  There is a $25.00 service charge for returned checks (failure to pay will result in payroll deduction of the full amount for those eligible).            

C.  Employee permits are priced on an annual basis and are pro-rated (decreased) on the 1st and 16th of each month. Permit fees are published on Public Safety's website and are based on the permit type and the employee's salary range.


From these lots a city bus is available at no cost.

UNC Park & Ride lots are available for eligible employees but these lots do require a permit, but the permit is free. The permit is acquired through the Department of Public Safety and can be requested on-line through its website or through your Parking Coordinator. The lots are located in four different areas of town:


The Dental School maintains a waiting list for parking permits. This waiting list is prioritized in order of each employee’s total state service (TSSD) (not just service to the Dental School or to the University), and includes both employees who did not get their first choice permit and those who did not receive a permit at all.  If someone with a parking permit leaves the Dental School, that permit will be returned to the Dental School and offered to the first person on the waiting list.

The number of spaces allocated to a particular department (e.g., dentistry, medicine, public health) by DPS will change from year to year.  The Department of Public Safety (DPS) also maintains a waiting list for each lot on campus and the Dental School employees who are on the Dental School waiting list should also ensure that they are on the DPS waiting list.  If, in the course of a year, DPS finds that a particular lot seems never to fill up, they may offer a space in that lot to the first person on their waiting list for that lot.  These allocations terminate the following August when the whole allocation process begins again.


All Dental School employees must return their permit requests by the deadline indicated each year in order to request a parking permit. Parking permits are not guaranteed from year to year.


The timeline which is included is approximate. Some of the times may change, but the general order of events will remain the same.


The Department of Public Safety (DPS) reviews allocations in March. Prior to March 1, the parking coordinator will send to DPS a list of all buildings in the Dental School, the number of people in each building, and the total years of state service in each building. For example, the parking coordinator would forward to DPS the following: (example: Old Dental Building, 50 people, 250 years of state service, Brauer Hall: 75 people, 300 years of state service).

DPS uses a formula to determine the number of spaces allocated to each department. The formula considers the total number of employees in the department (80% weight) and the total years of service within the department (20% weight).  Our department has no control over the total number of spaces it receives, but has absolute control over how those spaces are allocated once received.

The DPS forwards the Dental School’s parking allocations to our Parking Coordinator.


The Parking Coordinator maintains a list of all Dental School employees in seniority order.  The employee with the most years/months of total state service (not necessarily with the Dental School) is ranked at the top and an employee with the least is ranked at the bottom. The Dean is the only employee exempt from the seniority ranking. The seniority list is updated throughout the year to reflect any personnel changes in the Dental School.

DPS sends out parking permit applications to the Dental School parking coordinator. The parking coordinator distributes the forms to each Dental School employee. Employees fill the forms and rank their top three parking preferences.


The parking coordinator assigns space to people based on seniority and preferences. In other words, individuals at the top of the list will get their first choice.  The chance of getting the first choice assignment decreases as an employee’s ranking on the seniority list decreases. The updated list is developed in a coordinated effort by Support Services, the Office of Computing and Information Services (OCIS) and Human Resources (HR).

The parking coordinator returns the space assignments and the parking permit applications to DPS.


In June or July DPS sends a tentative allocation report to parking coordinators for them to make corrections Parking permits are not guaranteed from year to year. The parking coordinator returns the corrected and finalized list of assignments to DPS.


DPS forwards the new permits to the Parking Coordinator who then distributes them to each department/unit for distribution to employees.

Last Modified: 11/19/2012