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Academic Policies

Dental Hygiene - Grading System

Passing grades are A (highest level of attainment), B (high level of attainment), C (adequate level of attainment), D (minimal passing level of attainment), PS (passing grade for course using Pass-Fail grading). Pluses and minuses may be assigned to grades of B and C. A minus may be assigned to grade A and a plus to grade D. Pluses and minuses will be recorded on the student's academic record and will be weighted in accordance with the University's quality point system. The abbreviations, IN (work incomplete) and AB (absent from examination), indicate that the grade F will be recorded in accordance with University regulations. An incomplete that is not removed within eight weeks of the beginning of the regularly scheduled semester (fall or spring) following its assignment converts to an IN/F. An excused AB converts to AB/F unless the examination is taken by close of the next regularly scheduled semester after receiving an AB.

Last Modified: 04/30/2010