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Teaching Committees


(Dental Assisting, Dental Hygiene, First Year DDS, Second Year DDS, Third/Fourth Year DDS)

  1. Review and make recommendations regarding changes within courses for the year, including content, topic sequence, type of instructions, and instructors (horizontal integration).
  2. Review course content for repetition within the year and make recommendations regarding content.
  3. Review and make recommendations regarding course policies on attendance and evaluation.
  4. Review and facilitate course scheduling within the year.
  5. When requested by course directors, review and make recommendations on request to exempt students from courses if the students have completed comparable work earlier.
  6. Monitor progress of students for early identification of students having academic difficulties and needing early remediation. Apprise Academic Affairs of students in academic difficulty. This does not take the place of notice directly from course directors to these students via Academic Comment Forms or other forms. It is intended to identify students having difficulty in more than one course.
  7. Review and make recommendations for remediation plans for students receiving final grades of F in courses ending at the end of the semester. Review and approve remediation plans for courses ending earlier in the semester and for which remediation is planned before the end of the semester.
  8. Make recommendations to the Curriculum Committee on policies affecting education programs.