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Quality Assurance Committee


The Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) is responsible for regularly assessing the quality of care delivered in the UNC predoctoral clinics.  The Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs will continue to produce and collect quality assurance data and report regularly to the QAC.  The Quality Assurance Committee may also request data from other units at the School of Dentistry when necessary. 

By measuring selected indicators of quality of care and comparing the findings to appropriate benchmarks, the Committee will identify areas needing improvement and report those to the Dean.   The Chair of the Quality Assurance Committee shall report activity to the Department Chairs Committee and the Dean at least once per year. When appropriate, data will be forwarded to departments or administrative units with a request for a plan for corrective action.  The Quality Assurance Committee will approve plans for corrective action.  After corrective action has been taken, new outcome data will be obtained and analyzed.  As necessary, the cycle will be repeated until the defined benchmark is achieved. The Quality Assurance Committee shall also monitor the data and compare it to future data to ensure that the desired outcome continues to meet or exceed the defined benchmark.

The administration of the School of Dentistry, in conjunction with the Department Chairs, will ensure that faculty, staff, and students comply with corrective action that is taken as part of the Quality Assurance Program.  Sanctions will be established for those who are out of compliance.