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Multidisciplinary Competency Assessment Committee


(Last Updated: 01/12/2015)   

Name Department/Group
Jonathan Reside (Co-Chair) Peridontology
Rick Walter (Co-Chair) Operative Dentistry
Sumitha Ahmed Operative Dentistry
Carlos Barrero Prosthodontics
Scott Eidson Operative Dentistry
Glenn Garland Operative Dentistry
Carol Haggerty Operative Dentistry
Vicki Kowlowitz External, UNC School of Nursing
Gary Lucci Operative Dentistry
Thiago Morelli Periodontology
Sam Nesbit Operative Dentistry (Ad Hoc Member)
Rick Padilla Diagnostic Sciences
Glenn Reside Oral Surgery
Emile Rossouw Orthodontics
Margot Stein Dental Ecology
Lisa Stoner Prosthodontics
Ed Swift Academic Affairs
Peter Tawil Endodontics
Don Tyndall Diagnostic Sciences
Thomas Ziemiecki Prosthodontics (Ad Hoc Member)