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Curriculum Committee


(Last Updated: 01/15/2015)   

Name Department/Group
Ed Swift (Chair) Academic Affairs
Sun-Yung Bak Prosthodontics
Travis Bell DDS Class of 2015
William Colven DDS Class of 2017
Preston Ford DDS Class of 2018
Brent Golden Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Susan Hadler Diagnostic Sciences
Carol Haggerty Diagnostic Sciences
Lorne Koroluk Orthodontics/Pediatric Dentistry
Vicki Kowlowitz External UNC School of Nursing
Ralph Leonard Clinical Affairs
Kelly Lipp DDS Class of 2016
John Ludlow Diagnostic Sciences
Shannon Mitchell Dental Ecology
Matt Morano Academic Affairs
Thiago Morelli Periodontology
Valerie Murrah Diagnostic Sciences
Andre Ritter Operative Dentistry
Allen Samuelson Dental Ecology
Margot Stein Dental Ecology
John Sturdevant Operative Dentistry
Peter Tawil Endodontics
Al Wilder Operative Dentistry
Rebecca Wilder Dental Hygiene