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Advanced Education Directors Committee


(Last Updated: 01/15/2014)   

Name Department/Group
Ceib Phillips (Chair) Orthodontics
George Blakey Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Lyndon Cooper Prosthodontics; Dental Research
Austin Davies Graduate Student, Class of 2016
Bashir Hosseini Graduate Student, Class of 2014
Ching-Chang Ko Orthodontics
Jessica Lee Pediatric Dentistry
Andre Mol Diagnostic Sciences; Oral Radiology
Antonio Moretti Periodontology
Ricardo Padilla Diagnostic Sciences; Oral Pathology
James Parker Operative Dentistry
Clayton Rau Graduate School, 2015, Operative Dentistry
Andre Ritter Operative Dentistry
Eric Rivera Endodontics
Gary Slade Oral Epidemiology
Douglas Solow Clinical Affairs
Rebecca Wilder Dental Ecology/Hygiene