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Dental Research in Review Day

Keynote Speaker

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Dr. Marcelo W. B. Araujo, DDS, MS, PhD

Vice President, Science Institute

Keynote Address:

“How Dental Practice can be Impacted by Scientific Information”

713The 2017 Dental Research in Review Day will be held on Wednesday, February 22, 2017.

Our DRRD program will have several very exciting sessions, as follows:

  • Dr. Marcelo Araujo will the keynote speaker. Dr. Araujo leads the scientific and dental research activities of the Science Institute, including ADA policies and programs pertaining to the Council on Scientific Affairs, Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry, ADA Research and Laboratories, Professional Product Review, Seal of Acceptance, Scientific Information and Standards. He is directly involved in addressing current and emerging scientific issues that affect public health, patient care, dental practice, national and international health programs. His presentation will focus on “How Dental Practice Can be Impacted by Scientific Information.”

We have stimulating lunch and learn sessions planned to be presented by the following speakers from UNC School of Dentistry:

  • Dean Scott De Rossi will be presenting his lecture entitled Green Tea Polyphenols: A novel treatment for Sjögren’s Syndrome-induced xerostomia.
  • Jennifer Harmon, RDH, MS, a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Dental Ecology, will talk about Interprofessional Education.
  • Dr. Ryan Cook, director of the Graduate Prosthodontics Program, will focus on evidenced-based approach to anterior implant restorations.
  • Dr. Gustavo Oliveira from the Department of Operative Dentistry, will present his lecture Composite resins: a potpourri of esthetic solutions.
  • Dr. Rishma Shah, from the Department of Orthodontics, will present her research on skeletal muscle engineering as an aid to the management of craniofacial deformity.

We will also have a lunch and learn presented by one of our colleagues from the East Carolina University School of Dental Medicine:

  • Dr. Ramiro Murata from the Department of Foundational Sciences will present his research on natural small molecules and their potential against infectious diseases.

The 33rd DRRD promises to be a very engaging event!

NOTE: Deadline for Abstract Submission: Monday, January 30, 2017.

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