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Winners of the 29th Annual Spurgeon Table Clinic Day

Congratulations to...
Best Science Award: G. Horsey
Dental Hygiene Award: L. Deloach, H. Howell, M. Pinkard, A. Hutchuns
Dental Assisting Award: K. McGuffin, R. Ruiz
Allied Dental Award: S. Sanjar, S. Burchan, C. Amaya, K. Boles
Advanced Dental Education Award: M. Savage
Clinical Sciences Award: Sean Murdock
Basic Sciences Award: C. Tang
NC Academy of General Dentistry: F. Rojas-Vizcaya
International College of Dentistry Award: J. Blacker, T. Clark
Dentsply International Award: J. Blacker, T. Clark


Posted: 11/09/2009