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Dental Foundation Scholarships

The Dental Foundation of North Carolina is pleased to announce that scholarships totaling $69,000 were recently awarded to 27 deserving DDS candidates and dental hygiene students. These scholarship funds were generously donated to the Dental Foundation by alumni and friends of the School of Dentistry for the support of future generations of dental students. Congratulations to the following students.

Claude Adams, Jr. Scholarship
Ema Bashir Chohan '04
Diana Simona Cristea '04
Nolan Ellis Davis '04
Annelise Cecile Eichel '04

Dr. Robert Russell Clark Memorial Scholarship
Robert Curtis Sanborn III '05
Roma Swindell Cheek '05
Eric Newsome Kerr '04
Kiran Kumari Lal '04
Jennifer Dawn Stallings '02

Dental Friends Scholarship
Kenneth Aric Meeker '04

Linda Paschal Jarvis Memorial Scholarship
Laura Melissa Howard '02

Kendrick, Kendrick & Petersen Scholarship
Albert McCray Jones III '05

Morgan Family Scholarship
Amy Robin Fuller '03
Michael Benjamin Newsome '03

Robert W. and Maude B. Outland Scholarship
Jeremiah Dwayne Eissens '05
Julie Carpenter Robinson '05

Raynor/Ferguson Scholarship
Taylor Mark Clark '05

Raynor/Garcia Scholarship
Jason Evan Lambert '04

Raynor/Holland Scholarship
Reed Patrick Mockaitis '03

Raynor/Miska Scholarship
Jody Paul Wallace '02

Clarence Lee Sockwell Scholarship
Susan Michelle Horldt '05

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. "Dink" Styers Scholarship
Jason Eric Dollinger '03

Lois E. Taylor Scholarship
Krista Nene` Duran '05

Dr. Michael A. "Mickey" Webb Scholarship
David Stephen Stoker '04

James Gurney and Ruth Williams Scholarship
Nigel Morgan '05


Posted: 12/18/2009