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Dental Foundation

Scholarship Winners for 2008-09

The Dental Foundation of North Carolina (DFNC), which was established in 1950 for the sole purpose of securing and managing funds to support the UNC School of Dentistry, is pleased to announce the following recipients of pre-doctoral scholarships for academic year 2008-09.

Thanks to the generosity of alumni and friends of the School of Dentistry, the DFNC is able to provide more than $100,000 in support to these deserving students.

Rex B. Card Scholarship
Aaron Roberts, Class of 2009

Carolina First Campaign Scholarship
Huong Doan, Class of 2012

Claude Adams Jr. Scholarship
Kevin Ricker, Class of 2012
Sabine Schtakleff, Class of 2012
Dillon Atwood, Class of 2011
Zuleika Javed, Class of 2012

Dr. Robert Russell Clark Memorial Scholarship
Eric Nicholson, Class of 2011
Laura Weekes, Class of 2009
Sindhura Citineni, Class of 2010
Christopher Corbin, Class of 2012
Courtney Bowen, Class of 2012
Shenen Bradshaw, Class of 2012

Dr. and Mrs. Curtis Dailey Scholarship
Nurica Good, Class of 2009

Delta Dental Plan of North Carolina Scholarship
Tanya Ashe, Class of 2009

Dental Friends Scholarship
Bethany Harris, Class of 2010

Dr. James Baldwin Hancock Memorial Scholarship
Mit Patel, Class of 2009

Miguel and Carolina Hernandez Memorial Scholarship
Norma Cortez, Class of 2011

Dr. Edmund Baxter Hopkins Memorial Scholarship
Adam Stephens, Class of 2012

Linda Paschal Jarvis Scholarship
Amy Wilson, DH Class of 2010

Kendrick, Kendrick & Petersen Scholarship
Si Eun Jung, Class of 2012

Loblolly Dental Study Club
Brian Karriker, Class of 2010

Keith T. Macdonald and Family Scholarship
Alexandra Boudreau, Class of 2012

Kenneth N. and Georgia S. May Memorial Scholarship
Brittany Semones, Class of 2010

Medical Security Scholarship for Leadership in Dentistry
Jennifer Howard, Class of 2010

Morgan Family Scholarship
Elizabeth Perez, Class of 2012
Jenna Bridger, Class of 2010

Dr. H. V. Murray, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Jesse Bradford, Class of 2009

Robert W. and Maude B. Outland Scholarship
Philip Jarret, Class of 2012
Elise Watson, Class of 2012

Eldon and Zetta Parks Scholarship
Byron Capps, Class of 2011

George and Nina Patterson Scholarship
Kathryn Hawn, Class of 2009

Raynor/Ferguson Scholarship
Savannah Gelesko, Class of 2010

Raynor/Garcia Scholarship
Josiah Rich, Class of 2012

Raynor/Holland Scholarship
Maggie Wright, Class of 2011

Raynor/Miska Scholarship
Annbec Deshield, Class of 2009

Dr. and Mrs. J. Ronald Sain Scholarship
Patrick Miller, Class of 2011

Jack and Grace Silvers Scholarship
Tate Jackson, Class of 2010
Ying Zhao, Class of 2012

Dr. Troy Sluder Scholarship
Monica Meng, Class of 2009

Clarence Lee Sockwell Scholarship
James Sugg, Class of 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. “Dink” Styers Scholarship
Jimani Mwendo, Class of 2009

E. Bud Tarrson Family Scholarship
Tate Jackson, Class of 2010

Lois E. Taylor Scholarship
Georgi Petrov, Class of 2012

Markie Wicker Thomas Memoral Scholarship
April Stansbury, DH Class of 2009

Dr. William “Bill” Tulloch Memorial Scholarship
Nicholas Kain, Class of 2011

UNC Dental Alumni Association Scholarship
To be determined

United Concordia Companies, Inc. Scholarship
Francis Symmes, Class of 2011

University Dental Associates Scholarship
Brett Alvey, Class of 2010

Dr. Michael A. “Mickey” Webb Scholarship
Zachary Harrison, Class of 2009

James Gurney and Ruth Williams Scholarship
Olusegun Oyegunway, Class of 2012

Posted: 10/23/2012