The School Experience

Students spend an increasing amount of time in the clinics providing care to patients of all ages.

The school is proud to encourage students, residents and faculty participation in dental research. Annually, we host Dental Research in Review Day, where everyone can showcase their work and share their ideas.

Between classes, clinics and lab sessions, students often study together in the school -- like these students, who chose to study together in the atrium.

Being a part of the UNC School of Dentistry means becoming a part of a much bigger community. Most immediately, students become part of their class and the fabric of the school itself. But it reaches more broadly than that – students and their families become part of the Carolina family and members of the Chapel Hill community.

The student experience at the UNC School of Dentistry is exhilarating, demanding, educational, humbling and rewarding. It’s late nights studying for exams and for rushing Franklin Street after basketball victories. It’s hours perfecting technique in the clinic that lead to performing a successful procedure on a patient that previously was in excruciating pain. It’s compassionately caring for the child who’s scared of the dentist. It’s donating a few spare hours to the Dental SHAC clinic on a Wednesday night, or to an N.C. Missions of Mercy event one weekend. It’s classmates becoming so close that, by graduation, everyone is more family than friends.

Students have the opportunity to get involved with any number of student organizations. Some grow the spirit of organized dentistry. Some nurture the curious minds intrigued by dental research. Some provide opportunities to care for underserved populations locally and around the state. Some prepare students for the ethical decisions necessary in practice. All, though, help the UNC School of Dentistry students graduate as some of the most well-rounded, best-prepared professionals in the nation.