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Operative Dentistry

Patient Information for Operative Dentistry Clinical Research Trials

The Department of Operative Dentistry has been conducting clinical research trials on new dental restorative materials since 1969.  Individuals are routinely screened to see if they might qualify once the actual projects are approved.  If you would like to be considered for screening, please contact the Operative Dentistry Clinical Research (OD-CRU) unit.

Clinical research projects involve tooth-colored restorative filling materials, bonding procedures, and bleaching.  All products are approved for use by the FDA and comply with all US regulations.  All of the UNC Operative Dentistry clinical faculty participate in clinical research activities.

Typically, participating patients receive all dental care related to the project free-of-charge for the term of the project.  In addition, patients are typically paid a standard fee to cover expenses of travel, parking, and provide some personal compensation for participation.  Those details vary with the specific project type and length.

More than 1400 patients have participated in one or more projects over the past 30 years in the OD-CRU.