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Area Health Education Center (AHEC)

Policies - Dental Study Club Responsibilities When Using AHEC Speakers

Dental Study Clubs may receive a one-hour program per fiscal year through the School of Dentistry AHEC Program. Once a program, is confirmed, the dental study club has the following responsibilities.

  1. Your meeting must be open to other dental professionals.
  2. Your meeting must be held in a public location (not someone's home), so as to enable other dental professionals to attend.
  3. There is no honorarium payment from your society to the faculty.
  4. Any tuition you charge participants can be used only to cover your expenses. There can be no profit involved when using an AHEC speaker.
  5. If the meeting includes a business session of more than 10 minutes, allow the speaker to present prior to the business session. The speaker could then depart for the airport (or drive home), rather than having to sit through the business session.
  6. Provide audiovisual equipment as requested by the speaker. Before the speaker arrives, set up equipment and make sure everything is in proper working order. Provide an extra projector light bulb and an extension cord.
  7. Provide ground transportation for speakers arriving by plane. Provide a map showing directions to course locations when speakers will be driving from Chapel Hill.
  8. Duplicate handouts used by the speaker and have copies available for your meeting participants.
  9. Have someone introduce the speaker to the dental study club.
  10. Provide dinner for speakers at evening programs.
  11. Make sure the information requested on the roster form (provided by the speaker) is completed by all participants. Give the form to the speaker at the end of the program.