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1998 NC-AADR Business Meeting
Brauer 407

Tentative Agenda

Call to Order (President)

Report of the Secretary (Secretary) -- Approval of 1997 Business Meeting Minutes
Report of the Treasurer (Treasurer)
Report of the Councilor (Councilor)
Election of New Officers (President -- Chair of Nominating Committee)
Proposed: President = Asgeir Sigurdsson (succeeding from Vice-President)
Proposed: Vice-President = Galen Schneider (succeeding from Secretary)
Proposed: Secretary = David Paquette (nominated)
Proposed: Treasurer = Sharon Grayden (starting third one-year term)
Proposed: Councilor = Ed Swift (replacing Stephen Bayne, completing 4 three-year terms)
Other Old Business (President)

New Business (President)


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