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Dental Assistants Alumni Association

Greetings from the UNC Dental Assistants Alumni Association

The Dental Assisting Program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was established in 1957. Since the program's beginning, many individuals have graduated and represent practicing dental assistants, dental assisting educators, administrators, researchers as well as other career paths.

The Dental Assistants Alumni Association was established as a link to connect with our past but maintain and guide our future. Through participation in the UNC Dental Assistants Alumni Association, we can support the Dental Assisting Program and share the commitment in maintaining the integrity of our profession.

We encourage all individuals that are an alumnus of the University of North Carolina Dental Assisting Program to become a part of this great association. Membership information is available on this website. We welcome any ideas and thoughts that you may have for this association. Please include these ideas on the membership form.