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Dental Alumni Association

About the UNCDAA

The UNC Dental Alumni Association was organized in 1954 by 34 members of the graduating class. Three years after the first class graduated, there were 120 alumni across the state and the need for an alumni publication was apparent. Consequently, the UNC Dental Alumni Newsletter was published in November of 1956. This publication has now evolved into the North Carolina Dental Review.

While the activities of the earliest years of the organization are somewhat obscure, alumni meetings began in the mid-1960’s. In 1970, there was an all-day scientific meeting of the organization that was followed with a dinner at the Ranch House Restaurant in Chapel Hill. Table clinics were added to the program the following year and by 1972, annual membership was over 1,000. Deans Bawden and White re-invigorated the organization in the 1970’s, resulting in the UNCDAA Board of Directors’ composition being similar to what exists today: representatives from each of the NC Districts as well as an officer corps. Dr. Jack Shankle was the first Executive Director and Prissy Allen was his full-time Executive Secretary. The annual meetings were supplemented with special alumni activities developed to occur with the NCDS, Hinman Dental Society, and NC AGD meetings. Alumni weekends were begun, often associated with UNC football games. Also the association began its significant support of students, while continuing its beneficial activities for its members.

Board of Directors and Officers

The current Board of Directors includes the following individuals:

Posted: 04/24/2015