Academic Programs

Online UNC Supplemental Application

NOTE: The Online Supplemental Application is closed. Look for it to re-open next June.

All printed materials should be mailed to the Office of Academic Affairs:

DDS Admissions
UNC School of Dentistry, CB #7450
1611 Koury Oral Health Sciences Building
Chapel Hill, N.C. 27599-7450

What do I need to Complete my Application?

Completed applications will need to include:

  • Completed Supplemental Applications
  • Personal information: AADSAS number, full name, preferred name, gender, ethnicity, age, date of birth, email address and personal website (if applicable)
  • Residency information: current address and current phone number, permanent address and permanent phone number, emergency contact information, state of legal residency, N.C. county of legal residency (if applicable), and (if applicable) country of residency if not the U.S.
  • Academic history: list of schools attended prior to this application (note that dates should appear MM/DD/YYYY and majors should be included where applicable), current year of higher education, expected college degree if currently enrolled and date the degree is expected to be conferred
  • AADSAS information: date (MM/DD/YYYY) AADSAS application was submitted, method of submission
  • Responses to all open ended questions
  • Submit the following to the Office of Academic Affairs:
    • Non-refundable application fee ($84, check or money order payable to the University of North Carolina)
      • Note: late payment of this fee will delay processing of your application
    • Signed copy of the letters of evaluation waiver form (print)
    • Completed Noth Carolina Residency Form, if claiming North Carolina residency (print)
      • Note: late submission of this form may cause delays in processing your application for state residency
    • Signed honor code statement – only accessible at the end of the supplemental application