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Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)

Financial Aid - Loans

College Foundation Inc. Loans for the Carolina Computing Initiative (CCI)

College Foundation Inc. (CFI) is assisting UNC-Chapel Hill with its CCI by offering a program exclusively for students enrolled at UNC-Chapel Hill. This program has low-interest loans for the purchase of a laptop or other computer available from UNC-Chapel Hill Student Stores. Funds for the loans are provided by the North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority (N.C.SEAA). Applicants must be at least 17 years of age. For more information, please see

Loan Repayment Program for Health Disparities Research Offered by the National Center on Minority Health and Health and Disparities (NCMHD)

The National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NCMHD) is pleased to announce funding for the Loan Repayment Program for Health Disparities Research ("HDR-LRP" or "Program"). The HDR-LRP provides for repayment of the educational loan debt of qualified health professionals who agree to engage in basic, clinical or behavioral research directly relevant to health disparities research for an obligated period of service no less than two years. These individuals may receive loan repayment up to $35,000 per year for each year of service.

For more information, visit, write to National Center for Minority Health and Health Disparities, 6707 Democracy Blvd., Suite 800, MSC 5464, Bethesda, MD 20892-5465, Attention: Kenya McRae, or email, or call (866) 849-4047.

National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Loan

The National Health Service Corps (NHSC) has loan repayment program of $25,000 per year (minimum work commitment: two years of service) for students who wish to work in areas of greatest need - i.e. poor, rural, inner-city, etc. - after graduation, in lieu of NHSC providing you with dental school financial aid. This program is very similar to the NC Rural Health Loan Repayment Program, except:

  1. The NHSC may not allow you to select where you will be placed for work after graduation;
  2. The NHSC provides a scholarship, prior to graduating;
  3. The NHSC provides you with loan repayment of more money per year for a minimum commitment of two years working in its programs.

The application deadline is coming up fast: March 28. The scholarship application is very detailed, so you NEED TO START EARLY!! IF YOU NEED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION OR DETAILS REGARDING THE NHSC LOAN REPAYMENT PROGRAM, PLEASE GO TO: or call: 1-800-638-0824.

NIH Loan Repayment Program

The NIH Loan Repayment Programs ( can repay up to $35,000 a year of qualified educational debt for health professionals pursuing careers in Clinical, Pediatric, Clinical Research for Individuals from Disadvantaged Background, Contraception and Infertility, or Health Disparities research. The programs also provide coverage for Federal and state tax liabilities.

Participants must have achieved a doctorate-level degree, devote 50% or more of their time to research funded by either a non-profit organization or government entity (Federal, State, or Local) and have educational loan debt equal to or exceeding 20% of their institutional base salary. US Citizens and permanent residents can apply.

For more information or to apply online, visit For questions, call the Helpline at 866-849-4047.

North Carolina Rural Health Loan Repayment Program

The State of NC has a loan repayment program, that will pay $70,000 plus taxes for a commitment of four years working in an underserved community in NC. Currently, most counties in NC are underserved. For more information, contact Ms. Wanda Greene at 919-733-2040 or

North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority (NCSEAA) Loan Repayment Program

The North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority (NCSEAA) has a loan repayment program, NC Student Loan Program for Health Science and Mathematics, for North Carolina residents. The loans are for $8,500/year and the application deadline is usually June 1st. For more information call 1-800-700-1775 or 919- 549-8614 (locally).

For more information about loans and/or student aid, please contact Matt Morano, Director of Academic Services by email at or by phone at 919-537-3347.