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Graduate Prosthodontics Program


The Graduate Prosthodontic Curriculum involves 36 months clinical and didactic course work.  The first year residents begin the curriculum with mandatory orientation to the school of dentistry and Masters of Science curriculum and spend the summer session (5 weeks) immersed in pre-clinical exercises that review fixed partial denture, removable partial denture, complete denture and dental implant technology.  The Prosthodontic curriculum for the remaining three years is centered around weekly topical seminars led by fellow residents and faculty, weekly literature review and weekly treatment planning seminars. In addition, seven 3 hour clinical sessions for patient care are scheduled.  This experiential learning program requires planning, treatment and review through the weekly seminars. The additional courses required for fulfillment of the Masters of Science curriculum are interspersed throughout each of the six semesters. These activities are supported by an outstanding health sciences library with online access to many peer-reviewed journals.   A multidisciplinary dental implant curriculum is shared among the various specialty training programs and an interdisciplinary treatment planning course is a highlight of the clinical curriculum. In the third year, mentored teaching in pre-clinical dental courses is required.  Throughout the year, the curriculum is embellished with several seminars from national and international expert lectures sponsored by the UNC continuing education program. Organization student membership(e.g., ACP, AO, IADR) and attendance at national and international meetings  is strongly encouraged.