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Pediatric Dentistry Graduate Program

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available in the form of Student Loans, grants, fellowships, and stipend support.


Subject to yearly budget considerations, the stipend for each year of the program is $30,000 per year. These stipends may vary depending on the availability of funds and are available to U.S. citizens only.

We encourage applications from non-U.S. citizens and we have a proud record of international alumni; recent international alumni include graduates from Greece, Iceland, Thailand, and China. HOWEVER, financial support for international students is sparse. Typically our international students are sponsored by their native countries through government support or university scholarships. Along with their living expenses, international students must be prepared to pay tuition expenses at the level of non-North Carolina residents (see above) for three years of study and training. No stipend support or grants are available for international students unless they are U.S. citizens.

Regardless of the availability of financial support, teaching responsibilities are a part of the graduate program.


Hospital, malpractice and disability insurance premiums for all students are paid from departmental and institution resources. Some travel funds are available. Preference is given to upper level graduate students and those making departmentally-sanctioned scientific presentations. All students receive partial support to attend the Annual Session of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry meeting during the first year of training.