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Dental Hygiene Master's Program

Core Course Descriptions

FALL (First Year)
DHED 720 Educational Concepts
  This course is designed to introduce the graduate student to various teaching philosophies and methodologies. A variety of educational concepts such as methods of presentation, testing, and measurement are explored. Emphasis is placed on the practical application of theory.
DHED 736 Clinical/Laboratory Teaching
  This course will provide students with the knowledge and skills to function as a competent clinical instructor. Psychomotor skill development and analysis and remediation of performance problems are twp topics related to clinical teaching that are stressed. Clinical evaluation and faculty calibration are also included. Instruction includes seminar and clinical application sessions.
DHED 760 Seminar in Education and Research

This course is designed to provide knowledge and stimulate discussion about pertinent topics in dental and dental allied education and research. Part one of a two-course sequence, the course will examine issues related to the academic setting. Topics include current issues in the American Dental Hygienists’ Association, International Association of Dental Research and the American Dental Education Association. In addition, the students will gain information about the research process and identify a research question. Students will be expected to complete a literature review on their research question by the end of the fall semester and present the literature review via a PowerPoint presentation to their peers.

DENG 701 Research Methods

This core course consists of a series of lectures and group discussions presented by a variety of Dental School faculty. Lectures provide an overview of different research designs used in basic science research, epidemiology and clinical trials. The students are provided basic information regarding different oral research models including human, animal, in-vivo and in-vitro approaches. Two sessions are held as small group discussions with dental faculty to critically evaluate selected scientific literature. Students will be expected to apply the concepts learned in the course to assess the appropriateness of the research design and scientific approach in these literature review sessions. The course reviews ethical issues related to designing and conducting research including those studies using humans or animals.  

SPRING (First Year)
DHED 730 Organization and Administration

The course is designed to provide information and experiences in leadership, administration, and accreditation for dental hygiene education programs.  Critical issues and trends facing dental education, allied dental education and higher education will be addressed.

DHED 993 Thesis
  Structured research experience under guidance of a research faculty member. Research experience is ongoing throughout the curriculum.
DENG 702 Biostatistics

This course builds on the previous course in the research core sequence, DENG701 Introduction to Research Methods. This course is based on two premises: (1) that students enrolled in this sequence are required to complete a research project and prepare a thesis suitable for submission for a M.S. degree although the statistical plan and analyses will likely be performed by a statistician and (2) that students are preparing for a career as community-based practitioners and require the ability to critically evaluate the research design and interpretation of statistical analyses in the future. Consequently, the course is designed to give students an overview of clinical trial guidelines as outlined in the CONSORT statement, basic statistical concepts, and applications of statistical analyses.

DHED 993 Thesis

FALL (Second Year)
DHED 860 Seminar in Education and Research II

This course is designed to provide advanced knowledge and to stimulate discussion about pertinent topics in dental and dental allied education and research.  Part two of a two course sequence, the course will examine issues related to the academic setting.  Topics will include the process of publication as well as presenting research through oral and poster presentations; interviewing for academic position and formulating a marketable curriculum vitae and teaching portfolio.

DENG 703 Applied Research Methods

This course builds on previous courses, DENG 701 Introduction to Research Methods and DENG 202 Biostatistics. This course is based on the premise that students enrolled in this sequence are more likely to go into clinical practice. Consequently, the course is designed to give students a "hands on" experience with conducting a clinical study. During the semester, students will formulate and develop a research study designed to investigate a problem relevant to their clinical disciplines. Students will then gather background literature, design the study, specify how the variables in their study will be measured, develop a data capture instrument, enter and manage the data, perform appropriate analyses, interpret the data, and write a report. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, presented in previous courses will be used to analyze and to present study findings, including shells for tables and figures.

DHED 993 Thesis

SPRING (Second Year)
DHED 737 Internship
  A one semester planned and supervised professional internship designed to allow the intern to apply knowledge and skills acquired in previous didactic graduate courses.
DHED 993 Thesis