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AEGD Certificate Program

Stipend Support

Subject to yearly budgetary constraints, the current resident stipend is $30,000 for the postdoctoral year and is paid on a monthly basis. Such stipend support is considered as taxable income and consequently subject to appropriate federal and state tax liability.


Health care and malpractice insurance premiums for all resident trainees are paid through institutional resources. Health care insurance does not provide coverage for spouse or children. A health care coverage option for dependants is available for purchase by individual residents as required. Residents are provided three weeks (fifteen working days) of paid vacation. One additional day of paid vacation is provided each month to that resident with the highest clinical production above his/her monthly production goal. The UNC School of Dentistry is a nationally recognized leader in providing for life-long learning. Residents are provided tuition-free access to continuing education courses occurring at the School of Dentistry assuming certain contingencies are met. Access to continuing education courses is on a "space available" basis after paid enrollment is closed. The AEGD program director and the sponsoring department must approve the resident enrollment.