About Our School

Safe Listeners

The following key individuals at the School of Dentistry are trained as diversity, culture and inclusion subject matter experts.

Member Names Department Haven Training Safe Zones Training Opening Doors Training
Arzina Alani Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Trained
Susan Andrews Dental Research Trained
Jo-Ann Blake Dental Research Trained
Lisa Clement Clinical Affairs Trained
Anna Crissman Clinical Affairs Trained
Alexis Dolgetta Dental Research Trained
Deedra Donley Continuing Education Trained
Teresa Partin Etscovitz Dental Research Trained Trained
Naquan Hill Pediatric Dentistry Trained
Shayna Hill Dental Ecology Trained Trained
Savannah Jacaruso DDS Candidate 2020 Trained Trained
Ingeborg De Kok Prosthodontics Trained
Vicki Kowlowitz Academic Affairs Trained Trained
Mary MacKenzie Clinical Affairs Trained Trained
Matthew Morano Academic Affairs Trained Trained
Gina Moreland Clinical Affairs Trained
Daniella Onofrio Dental Ecology Trained
Ceib Phillips Orthodontics Trained
Paula Poe Advancement Trained
Margot Stein Dental Ecology Trained
Catherine Vorick Human Resources Trained Trained
Jane Weintraub Dental Ecology Trained
Lorraine Werts Clinical Affairs Trained Trained
Tracy Williams Clinical Affairs Trained


Haven Training

The Haven Program is a campus initiative to increase support for student survivors of interpersonal violence (stalking, abusive relationships and sexual assault) and to further the university’s efforts to prevent interpersonal violence. The idea is to create multiple “safe spaces” around the campus for students to go for information, discussion and referral. Faculty, staff and students may attend a Haven training session and then receive a sign for their door which indicates that they are a safe space to go to discuss issues around sexual assault, abusive relationships and stalking. You can also find more about Haven training on the Creating Allies to Survivors page.

UNC Safe Zone Training

The Safe Zone program is a symbol of this University’s commitment to diversity and inclusiveness. The purpose of Safe Zone is to create a network of allies for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer and allied (LGBTQIA) students. The desired goal for the Safe Zone program is ultimately to make the University community a safer and more supportive place for people of all sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions. Safe Zone ally trainings are open to faculty, staff and students and are held throughout the year. Allies receive a Safe Zone sign to display in their offices and living space. For more information, visit the University’s LGBTQIA Safe Zone website.

UNC Opening Doors

Do you want to increase your understanding of culture and diversity? Consider attending the UNC Opening Doors workshop (download the brochure here).