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Inclusivity/Diversity Resources

The UNC School of Dentistry is pleased to provide this list of resources for its community.

School and University Resources


Federal/Other Resources



Lactation room: First Dental Building, Third Floor, Room 3060

Meditation room: Koury Building, Third Floor, Room 3401A

Single occupancy restroom facilities:

Single-Occupancy Restrooms
Building  Floor Room No. Use
Brauer Hall Second 261 Public/Unisex/Handicap
Tarrson Hall First 1025 Radiology clinic/Employee only/Unisex/Handicap
Tarrson Hall First 1066 Oral surgery/Surgical suite/Unisex/Handicap
Tarrson Hall Basement B013 Central sterilization/Employee only/ Unisex
Tarrson Hall Basement B028  Public/Men’s
Tarrson Hall Basement B029 Public/Women’s
Koury Oral Health Sci. Ground G609 Public/Unisex/Handicap
Koury Oral Health Sci. Ground G611 Public/Unisex/Handicap


Commitment to Inclusive Excellence Syllabus Statement

Promoting and valuing diversity enriches learning and enlarges perspectives. Inclusive practices are essential to create an educational community in which every student can thrive in classroom and clinic. Promoting inclusiveness involves mutual respect for and recognition of diversity, including, but not limited to such factors as age, culture, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, physical ability, political affiliation, race, regional and national origin, religion, and socio-economic background. It is the responsibility of the faculty and students participating in this course to abide by these principles and to respect and integrate individual personalities, backgrounds, and life experiences to enhance learning and promote excellence in the classroom, clinic, and community.