About Our School

Commitment to Diversity

The UNC School of Dentistry deeply values diversity in people, thought and opinion. In the school’s pursuit of excellence, it remains committed to maintaining an environment that values uniqueness in each person, affording dignity and respect to all regardless of race, age, gender, ethnic background, national origin, disability, religion/spiritual practice, sexual identity, culture, or other demographic differences. The educational environment of inclusivity extends to all students, staff and faculty as the school fulfills its mission of excellence in education, research, patient care and service.

The UNC School of Dentistry views its environment of diversity and inclusion as encompassing all of its communities: campus, local, regional and global. The UNC School of Dentistry Inclusive Excellence Committee works to accomplish the following activities:

  • Publicly state and display the school’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity
  • Create and promote “safe places” for anyone to discuss and engage in diversity and inclusivity concerns with confidentiality and receptive understanding
  • Provide ongoing opportunities for diversity and inclusivity orientation/training

The school promotes a welcoming environment that actively supports diversity and inclusivity, which is essential to the educational preparation of health professionals and is critical to the excellent service delivered to the school’s citizens, patients and communities.

Inclusive Excellence Committee Mission Statement

The UNC School of Dentistry deeply values diversity in people, thought and opinion. As stated in the school’s core values (above), the school professes it has a commitment to diverse beliefs. It is a place where students, faculty and staff can come, work and learn in an environment free from hostility, oppression or intimidation. In an effort to support these values and assure that the school is meeting these stated objectives, the Inclusive Excellence Committee was created to explore the climate of the UNC School of Dentistry and its related programs to determine how well the school’s faculty, staff and students are fulfilling these objectives, and also to make recommendations about initiatives which may be taken to improve the school’s environment.