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UNC Prosthodontics Interest Group

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In 2014, the UNC Prosthodontics Interest Group was founded. Through this organization, dental students interested in specializing in prosthodontics have the opportunity to learn about the latest topics in prosthodontics, attend guest lectures, participate in our specialty organization (ACP), engage in research in prosthodontics, and better understand the specialty of prosthodontics.

“Ashley Morgenstern and I founded the UNC Pre-doctoral Prosthodontics Interest Group with the intent of increasing pre-doctoral students’ awareness of prosthodontics both as a specialty and as an important part of general dentistry. We started the group under the guidance of Dr. Alex Yarborough, our faculty advisor, and Dr. Robert Wright, Chair of the Department of Prosthodontics. The organization consists of 50 members so far, including dental students, residents and faculty. We aim to engage our members by having lectures and hands-on activities on topics spanning the field. From learning about maxillofacial prosthetics and how to do a facial moulage to exploring different implant systems, our organization has had a very productive inaugural year. In the future, we desire to create a service component for the group involving visiting nursing homes to teach denture hygiene and label dentures. Another goal for this upcoming year is to host review sessions for dental students on clinical techniques that are important for prosthodontics including how to take proper impressions and different methods of border molding.” – Lauren Katz

New leadership for 2015-2016:
Charles White and Daniel Bernstein

If you are interested in joining the group or have any questions, please contact Dr. Alex Yarborough at abyarbor@email.unc.edu