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Our Community Service

The Department of Prosthodontics is involved in a variety of community service events year-round in support of the school’s community service mission. Residents and faculty participate in a variety of events when possible, and also hosts Denture Week annually at the school.

National Prosthodontics Awareness (Denture) Week 2015

Since 2010, the American College of Prosthodontists annually encourages outreach by celebrating National Prosthodontics Awareness Week. At the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the Advanced Education Program in Prosthodontics provides denture therapy for edentulous patients who are unable to receive care through other philanthropic resources. In 2015, UNC prosthodontics residents treated 15 individuals from our community during denture week.


Men and women from the triangle area have received exemplary care during this week of giving. Residents are encouraged to embrace the especially caring nature of the event, and to use the opportunity as a time to focus intensely to improve their clinical skills. Members of our Prosthodontics Interest Group for DDS Students at UNC assisted the graduate students and participated in the digital denture exercise. In this sixth year of outreach, it is clear that providing smiles for the most needed members of our community brings the brightest smiles to members of our Department of Prosthodontics.

dentureweek4Last year, a special emphasis was placed on fabricating dentures using digital technology and our residents produced dentures using existing as well as new technologies generously provided by Dentca. Dr. Robert Wright worked with two second-year graduate prosthodontic residents, Dr. Karona Tum and Dr. Anthony Gragg, to provide pro-bono dentures using digital dentistry technology for two indigent patients from the Chapel Hill community. In addition, one dental student, Jonathan Hairr, participated in the project to provide a single digital denture for one of his clinical patients.

For more information about UNC Denture Week and the American College of Prosthodontics’ NPAW, click here.