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Department of Prosthodontics


Interim Department Chair
Dr. Glenn Minsley

Department Manager
Misty Caffey

Phone Numbers
Main Office: (919) 537-3437
Grad Clinic Appointments: (919) 537-3947
DFP Appointments: (919) 537-3939

Email: mcaffey@email.unc.edu

Location: 330 Brauer Hall

Department of Prosthodontics
UNC School of Dentistry
Campus Box #7450
Chapel Hill, N.C. 27599-7450


Welcome to the UNC Department of Prosthodontics! 

The primary role of the Department of Prosthodontics is the training of pre-doctoral and graduate students to restore and replace damaged and missing teeth. The following outline provides our vision of how we will move this department forward and build this department for the future:


  1. The existing core of faculty is very strong and faculty development is critical to the career development of the existing junior faculty. Scholarly activity and/or board certification will be emphasized for each faculty member.
  2. The department must continue to recruit the most highly trained faculty to meet our educational, research, patient care and service missions.
  3. The inclusion of the latest technology and teaching methodology into the DDS programs and graduate programs is important for one of the leading dental schools in the U.S.
  4. A strong mentoring program in prosthodontics for our DDS and pre-dental students is critical.
  5. Dental students’ educational experience in prosthodontics in the didactic and clinical sciences should be positive and effective.
  6. The department will provide more research opportunities for DDS students.
  7. The department’s vision for the future is that our strong graduate prosthodontics program will be an integral part of the department. This model is similar to residencies in medicine being important to the education of medical students.
  8. The department’s vision includes a strategic plan for the future of maxillofacial prosthetics (MFP) at UNC and UNC Hospital. The MFP program or service is important to our overall department missions due to the long history of collaboration between medicine and dentistry.
  9. The department will continue to support the sleep medicine efforts in dentistry, and other specialty areas and centers, as it is an belongs in prosthodontics. The sleep dentistry program also helps promote our mission of scholarly activity, patient care, service, and education.
  10. The department will strive to operate day to day in a strong collegial manner. Highly professional demeanor is expected from all faculty, staff and students.

Graduate Prosthodontics

There are many outstanding opportunities for those eager to study prosthodontics at the University of North Carolina’s School of Dentistry.

Our Education Programs

One of the department’s key goals is to make prosthodontics at UNC a leader in digital dentistry. Please visit Our Education Programs to learn more about our research and course information on digital dentistry and other programs.

Pros Interest Group

pros interest group logo

On January 13, 2014, the UNC Pros Interest Group was founded. Dental students interested in specializing in prosthodontics will have the opportunity to learn about the latest topics in prosthodontics, attend guest lectures, participate in our specialty organization (ACP), engage in research in prosthodontics, and better understand the specialty of prosthodontics. You are encouraged to explore the different areas of our web page to become involved and keep up to date on events, research, and our education programs.

Community Members

If you are looking to arrange an appointment with our prosthodontics clinic, you will be able to find more information on our patient care page.