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The UNC / Wake County Health Dept (WCHD) Orthodontic ProgramWake 1 has been in operation since its inception in 1984 to provide orthodontic services for selected children that would benefit from such treatment who may not otherwise have access to care. The WCHD is focused on providing preventive and comprehensive dental services to children. The educational objective of the WCHD is to provide additional clinical experience to the UNC Orthodontic residents in interceptive and comprehensive treatment in a Public Health setting.


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A Wake County patient being treated with comprehensive braces:

WAKE631701 WAKE631701B






A Wake County patient before and after treatment with braces:


WAKE580027 - Mauricio Reyes - Initial - Intraoral RightWAKE580027 - Mauricio Reyes - Initial - Intraoral CenterWAKE580027 - Mauricio Reyes - Initial - Intraoral Left


WAKE580027 - Mauricio Reyes - Final - Intraoral RightWAKE580027 - Mauricio Reyes - Final - Intraoral CenterWAKE580027 - Mauricio Reyes - Final - Intraoral Left