About Our School

New Patient Information

Calling for a Screening Appointment

  • All patients must first obtain a screening appointment by calling (919) 537-3942.
  • We begin accepting calls to schedule screening appointments on the first business day of each month.
  • Appointments are scheduled for the following month until all the appointments are filled.
  • We repeat the process each month, so call back if you were unable to obtain an appointment at that time.
  • Please be sure to mention if you are interested in Invisalign® (clear trays) or lingual “hidden” brackets when you call

Fee for a Screening Appointment

  • The fee for screening is $ 40.00 which is due on the day of the appointment.  ($15 additional if an x-ray is needed.)

At the Screening Appointment

  • Patients are selected on the basis of the educational need of our residents.
  • At your screening appointment, the doctor will give you information about orthodontic needs and treatment options. If you are not eligible for treatment in the Graduate clinic, the staff can transfer your screening records to the Faculty Practice and make a consultation appointment for you.