About Our School

Supporting Our Mission

The Department of Operative Dentistry has been in existence since the formation of the School of Dentistry in 1950. To accomplish all of its missions, it is critical that the department continue to obtain funding from endowments, gifts, NIH research grants and corporate research grants in addition to the annual North Carolina State Budget.

The department is continually involved in charitable giving efforts that include contributions from the faculty, students and parents, alumni, corporate partners, and friends of the department. Each member of the department is grateful to all those who contribute to ensure the continued success of the department and its mission.

The Dental Foundation of North Carolina maintains the department-specific giving funds. The following are opportunities for charitable giving specific to the Department of Operative Dentistry:

  • Department of Operative Dentistry Fund (202042)
  • Clifford M. Sturdevant Clinical Research Endowment (202060)
  • Karl F. Leinfelder Biomaterials Research Endowment (202149)
  • Hinman Restorative Dentistry Professorship (071424)

To donate online to these or any School of Dentistry fund, click here. To discuss your giving options or for more information about charitable giving, contact Dr. Andre Ritter (andre_ritter@unc.edu, 919-537-3987), Mr. Paul Gardner (paul_gardner@unc.edu, (919) 537-3258) or Ms. Sarah Huppert (sarah_huppert@unc.edu, (919) 537-3259).