Educational Research

Boushell, Lee W, DMD, MS_Oper_4x6

Dr. Lee Boushell Associate Professor Educational Research Co-Director

Ahmed, Sumitha N, BDS,CertDH_Oper_4x6

Dr. Sumitha Ahmed
Clinical Assistant Professor
Educational Research Co-Director

The current evidence shows that there is a large emphasis on descriptive and observational studies in the field of educational research. However, there is lack of evidence pertaining to instructional interventions and their effectiveness in teaching Operative Dentistry. Our focus in the field of Educational Research in Operative Dentistry encompasses the following aims:

  • Identification of more effective methods of content material dissemination in the large classroom and simulation laboratory environment.
  • Development of instructional materials that are strategically designed to complement the various learning preferences present in any given class of dental students.
  • Design of teaching methods that foster critical thinking during pre-clinical development of hand skills.
  • Implementation and testing of pre-clinical and clinical strategies to optimize faculty calibration in content delivery, formative assessment and summative assessment.
  • Collaborative, joint efforts in novel curricular innovation between dental/allied dental health programs.

Ongoing Projects

  • Relationship between Dental Student Psychological Type and Preclinical Operative Assessments.
  • Basic Preclinical Exercises as Educational Probes to Target Early Intervention
  • Comparison of two gingival displacement procedures.
  • Blended learning improves the accurate measurement and precise reporting of preparation depth and width
  • The Impact of Pre-Waxing on the Creation of a Complex Amalgam in Preclinical Operative Dentistry
  • Effect of Strategic Early Educational Enhancement on the Preclinical Ability of Below-Average Performing DDS1 Students

Recent Publications

  • Ahmed SN, Sturdevant J, Kowlowitz V, Wilder R, Boushell LW; Development And Assessment Of Discrimination Exercises For Faculty Calibration In Preclinical Operative Dentistry. J Dent Ed 2016; 80(8): 994-1003
  • Delgado AJ, Walter R, Behar-Horenstein LS, Boushell LW. Are All Dentiform Teeth with Simulated Caries the Same? A Six-Year Retrospective Study in Preclinical Operative Dentistry. J Dent Educ. 2015 Nov; 79(11):1330-8.
  • Boushell LW, Walter R, Phillips C. Learn-a-prep II as a predictor of psychomotor performance in a restorative dentistry course. J Dent Educ. 2011 Oct; 75(10):1362-9.

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