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Biomaterials and Biomimetics Research

Dr. Gustavo Oliveira Clinical Assistant Professor

Dr. Gustavo Oliveira
Clinical Assistant Professor

Dr. Terry Donovan Professor Section Head of Biomaterials

Dr. Terry Donovan Professor
Head of Biomaterials

Dr. Taiseer Sulaiman Assistant Professor Research Director

Dr. Taiseer Sulaiman Assistant Professor Biomaterials and Biomimetics Research Director

Our research focuses on the development and testing of various dental materials, ceramics, adhesion, composite resins and bioactive materials. The intention is always to develop projects that can be investigated in vitro with emphasis on maximizing its potential clinical relevance. Introduction of new dental materials to clinicians is fast and usually comes with minimum to no clinical-based evidence. With proper fatiguing and aging protocols, there may be a chance to provide useful information to the clinician of certain materials/techniques, these projects may act as blueprints for future clinical research. Finally, our long-term goals are developing or enhancing the mechanical, physical and optical properties of dental materials through novel and innovative approaches, bridging the gap between dental research and every day dentistry.

Ongoing Projects

  • Effects of Bleaching Treatment on Development of Noncarious Cervical Lesions.
  • Effect of dispensing systems on mechanical properties of resin-based cements.
  • Solubility, water sorption and film thickness of dual-cure resin cements.
  • Composite-Composite Adhesion as a Function of Composite Material and Surface Treatment.
  • Physical properties of resin modified glass ionomer cements with different modes of dispensing systems
  • Differences in physical properties and shear bond strength of resin modified glass ionomers by mixing method.
  • Effect of silver diamine fluoride on the microtensile bond strength of caries-affected dentin in permanent teeth.
  • Dental Burs: An assessment of the cutting efficiency and awareness of cleansing protocols.
  • The effect of time on tooth shade selection.
  • A student evaluation of a pre-clinical course in operative dentistry.
  • Time-lasting CAD/CAM ceramic stains and glazes. An evaluation of color stability and surface roughness.
  • Prevention of bismuth oxide-containing tricalcium silicate discoloration of dentin.
  • Intraoral shade matching devices: A comparative study


Recent Publications

  • Sulaiman TA, Abdulmajeed AA, Shahramian K, Lassila LV. Effect of Different treatments on the flexural strength of partially versus fully stabilized zirconia. In press, The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, 2016.
  • Sulaiman TA, Abdulmajeed AA, Cooper LF, Donovan TE, Walter R. Fracture rate of monolithic zirconia restorations up to 5 years: A dental laboratory survey. J Prosthet Dent 2016; 116:436-439.
  • Abdulmajeed AA, Donovan TE, Cooper LF, Walter R, Sulaiman TA. Failure of layered-zirconia restorations at 5 years: A dental laboratory survey. In press, The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, 2016.
  • Viitaniemi L., Abdulmajeed AA., Sulaiman TA, Söderling E., Närhi TO. Adhesion and early colonization of S. mutans on lithium disilicate reinforced glass-ceramics, monolithic zirconia and dual cure resin cement. In press, Journal of Dentistry, 2016.
  • Ahmed SN and Donovan TE: Survey of dentists to determine contemporary use of endodontic posts. J Prosthet Dent Accepted for publication.
  • Amaya-Pajares SP, Ritter AV, Resendiz CV, Henson BR, Culp L and Donovan TE: Effect of finishing and polishing on the surface roughness of four ceramic materials after occlusal adjustment. J Esthe Rest Dent 2016 Epub ahead of print.
  • Donovan TE, Marzola R,  Cagna DR, Eichmiller F, McKee JR, Metz JE, Murphy KG and Albouy JP: Annual review of selected scientific literature: Report of the Committee on Scientific Investigation of the American Academy of Restorative Dentistry. J Prosthet Dent accepted for publication.


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