Mission Statement and Goals

Department of Operative Dentistry Mission and Goals

(proposed revision || 07.19.16)


Mission Statement

The mission of the UNC Department of Operative Dentistry is to promote excellence in teaching, research, service and patient care, thus supporting and advancing the mission of the UNC School of Dentistry.


The department faculty and staff achieve this mission by working collaboratively in each of these core domains. Our teaching, research, service and patient care goals are:


The department’s primary goal in teaching is to provide evidence-based didactic, pre-clinical and clinical education to predoctoral and advanced education students in operative and deneral dentistry. This goal is achieved by several key predoctoral pre-clinical and clinical programs, as well as advanced education programs (Master of Science program and Advanced Education in General Dentistry Program).


The department’s research goal is to advance basic and applied knowledge in operative and general dentistry through clinical, cariology, health services, biomaterials-biomimetics, bone-dentin biology and dental education research programs. Research and scholarship activities result in shared knowledge in the form of peer-reviewed and scholarly publications as well as academic presentations locally, nationally and internationally.


The department’s service goal is for the faculty and staff to engage in local, state, national and international committee and leadership activities, professional organizations, continuing education and other service-related efforts.

Patient Care

The department’s patient care goal is to advance the health of the people of North Carolina and beyond. This goal is strongly linked to our teaching and research core goals, and is achieved through the delivery of operative and general dentistry patient-centered care in the predoctoral and advanced education clinics, the Dental Faculty Practice and our clinical research programs.