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Surplus Computer Equipment

If you have computer equipment that needs to be sent to surplus, please fill out the Surplus Form and fill out a service request. Attach the completed surplus form to the service request. Someone in OCIS will contact the surplus department and arrange for pickup.

Note for filling out the form: For all items to be surplused (except mice, keyboards, small connectors, etc.) you must provide at least one identifying number. EOSC/CRC tag is preferred. If the item has both UNC and EOSC tags, both numbers should be listed. Serial number is acceptable if there are no EOSC/CRC or UNC tags.

IMPORTANT NOTEPlease do not leave surplus equipment in hallways or any other unsecured location. Failure to protect the equipment may constitute a HIPAA violation.

OCIS does not have space to store surplus equipment, and therefore it will be picked up “on location.” Until surplus equipment is picked up, security of that equipment is considered to be the responsibility of the person who is requesting that it be surplused.

The requester is obligated to make sure that this equipment, as state property, is properly secured so that it is not stolen or taken to other areas of the school. More importantly, equipment that may have PHI or any other confidential information on it has to be secured to protect this information. We assume any computer used in the School of Dentistry may contain such information and must be protected.