Smartphone Support

Please see OCIS if you have any questions before rather than after you purchase a phone.

The support staff members in OCIS strive to provide you with seamless connectivity from your smart phone to the Exchange server to access your e-mail, calendar, contacts, etc. Therefore we only support “always-on” connections to Exchange from devices which use Microsoft’s Activesync technology, which is a widely accepted industry standard giving you every possible style of phone from which to choose.

If you do not need a constant connection, you can go to to access your email via the Internet as needed.

If you decide you want an “always-on” connection, you will need to agree to our security requirements as you set up your account on your phone. Those features include use of a password, encryption and an automatic timeout. When choosing a phone or PDA for this type of connection, look for “Activesync” support with the following guidelines and qualifications:

  • The iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad have full support for Activesync, so we support these devices as long as the operating system is up to date.
  • Any device using the Windows Mobile operating system will have Activesync and connect seamlessly with our servers.
  • Phones based on Google’s Android operating system release 3.0 and later support Activesync connections.
  • We do not support Blackberry phones. Blackberry phones demand that we run a special server to integrate with the Exchange server, and we do not have the resources to buy and maintain such a specialized server given the wide variety of other options you have.